Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Benefits

Learn about Illinois medical marijuana card benefits and how they apply to you when you contact 1Body1Life. We’ve streamlined the process of getting your MMJ card by creating a unique medical cannabis patient program that does not require an in-person visit to a clinic or an inconvenient doctor’s exam. Our approval process takes place through a Telehealth platform that allows you to apply for your Illinois med card for the first time or renew your medical cannabis registry over the phone. Get in touch with an Illinois medical marijuana doctor from 1Body1Life who understands your medical needs.

6 Clear Benefits Of Obtaining Your IL Med Card

1. In the state of Illinois, you’re allowed to grow up to 5 personal plants at home. Most medical marijuana patients find that 2-3 plants are enough to sustain their medical marijuana needs, however, the state of IL generously allows more than that in the event that your needs are greater than most. You’ll find growing resources online when you visit 1Body1Life online.

2. A medical marijuana card service can help you gain access to higher quality THC products as a med card holder. By working closely with a local dispensary, you’ll be certain you’re getting the right products to treat your medical condition.

3. Did you know that patients with a medical cannabis card pay less for marijuana and THC products than those who purchase cannabis for recreational purposes? You’ll pay less in taxes when you choose a licensed medical marijuana dispensary.

4. Your Illinois medical marijuana card benefits include an initial consultation with a knowledgeable cannabis doctor who can direct you to certain strains that are helpful for your type of pain or medical condition. Take advantage of your consultation appointment with doctors from 1Body1Life by becoming informed about how to treat your specific condition using cannabis.

5. When you get a med card in IL for purchasing and using cannabis as a treatment, you’ll be able to legally purchase a larger quantity of marijuana and THC products- up to 2.5 ounces, which is more than twice the amount allowed for recreational customers. Buying a larger quantity of cannabis at one time may result in additional discounts from your dispensary. Shop less often for marijuana with your MMJ card.

6. In Illinois, medical marijuana patients are given priority over recreational buyers due to their condition. Some dispensaries in the state of Illinois maintain a medical patient-only inventory to ensure patients always have access to the products they need to address chronic pain and alleviate the symptoms of their medical conditions.

Schedule your appointment with a 1Body1Life doctor today when you call 773-707-6020. In most cases, we can perform a Telemedicine exam immediately and approve your application without any delay, so you can start using your temporary med card within 12-24 hours. Read more about Illinois medical marijuana card benefits on our website and check out qualifying conditions and growing resources, all available on our website.

Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Benefits


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