how do you get a medical marijuana card in IL

How do you get medical marijuana care in IL? The process is easy and straightforward when you contact 1Body1Life today at 773-707-6020. To get started, read about qualifying conditions on our website, then connect with us to find out if you qualify for our medical cannabis patient program. Get your card for the first time or renew your medical cannabis registry through our agency and shop at your preferred dispensary for the cannabis products you need to treat pain or illness. Speak with an Illinois medical marijuana doctor now to find out more.

How To Get Your IL Med Card Step By Step

Step One: Call 1Body1Life. In the State of Illinois, the exam process has been simplified due to Covid-19; instead of having to visit a clinic and undergo an in-person exam, you can now contact a doctor through Telemedicine. In most cases, 1Body1Life can provide your consultation and Telehealth exam immediately, so you can get your medical MMJ card within 12-24 hours. Our doctors are available Monday- Sunday from 8 am – 8 pm.

Step Two: To qualify for medical marijuana card service, you’ll need to explain your medical condition to a doctor and either be experiencing chronic pain or prove that you’re living with a medical condition that has not responded favorably to traditional medications or treatments. If you’ve been diagnosed with a qualifying medical condition, you can get a medical card to legally purchase cannabis. Additional benefits of having an MMJ card include:

  • Avoiding long lines
  • Paying less for cannabis
  • Accessing quality THC products
  • Legally allowed to grow 5 personal plants

Step Three: Once you’ve been approved for your card, a 1Body1Life doctor will provide you with a provisional card within 24 hours while you wait for your permanent card to arrive by mail. Your provisional card will allow you to shop at any IL dispensary that carries the marijuana products you want to try.

What If My Condition Is Not Listed?

Our website highlights the most common medical conditions that qualify for medical cannabis. If you don’t see your condition listed, you can still call and discuss your medical history with one of our doctors to see if you’re eligible to use MMJ as a natural treatment.

How Do You Get A Medical Marijuana Card In IL?

One call to 1Body1Life is all it takes to get the process started. We don’t complicate things or delay the process of getting approved for medical marijuana; in fact, we’ll expedite your approval and provide a temporary card so you won’t have to wait to try cannabis for treating your condition.

Approval for an MMJ card means you can legally grow up to 5 personal marijuana plants, provided you follow the state guidelines for growing. You’ll find free resources on our website to get you started if you want to grow healthy, vibrant, potent plants as medicine. Read more about our agency and how we can help you get approved immediately for medical MMJ; call 773-707-6020 now.

how do you get a medical marijuana card in IL


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