If you’re buying medical marijuana from a dispensary without an MMJ card, you’re paying too much for weed. With a cannabis card, fewer taxes than recreational THC are paid by the customer, so you’ll come out ahead when you register for a state ID to purchase cannabis. You can get a same-day cannabis card through telemedicine convenience when you contact 1Body1Life. We’ve authorized over 34k medical cannabis cards for our callers. If you don’t qualify for an MMJ card, the call is free, so you have nothing to lose and a lot to gain by contacting us today.

3 Reasons To Get Your MMJ Card

1. You may have thought that a medical cannabis patient program was a waste of time since Illinois residents can legally purchase cannabis from a dispensary for medical or recreational use. It’s true that buying marijuana to treat a medical condition is within your legal rights, but what you may not know is that the cannabis tax is a two-tiered system.

Recreational cannabis buyers pay the bulk of the state’s marijuana tax while medical marijuana customers are considered patients, and are given a tax break. Learn more about the IL state tax laws on cannabis when you reach out to 1Body1Life to schedule your consultation with a medical marijuana doctor.

2. Illinois medical marijuana taxes are among the lowest in the country. When you make a purchase at your local dispensary with an MMJ card, you’ll notice significant savings over rates you’re used to paying. Recreational buyers can pay a state excise tax that can be as high as 41.25% in Chicago, depending on the amount of THC your products contain. That’s a hefty charge you won’t have to pay once you’re approved for a cannabis card. The state tax you’re responsible for is lower as a medicinal user, as well.

3. If you live with chronic pain or have a medical condition that qualifies you to try cannabis as an alternative treatment, you could get a medical card the same day you contact our staff. If your current card is nearing its expiration date, we can help you renew your medical cannabis registry. An experienced and credentialed Illinois medical marijuana doctor is waiting to assist you when you call our helpline at 773-707-6020.

With your MMJ card from 1Body1Life, you could save as much as 60% on taxes when you purchase medical-grade cannabis from a dispensary between taxes and available medical patient discounts. You’ll have access to higher-quality marijuana products reserved only for medicinal customers and you’ll receive curbside service as a bonus. With your cannabis card, you can legally grow up to 5 personal cannabis plants to further save money on cannabis use.

Why wait to call when we can offer you so much? Read about qualifying conditions that make you eligible to apply for your card, then call 1Body1Life to speak one-on-one with a cannabis doctor over the phone. Telemedicine eliminates the need to drive to an MMJ office. Find out more about a cannabis card with fewer taxes than recreational marijuana- you’ll be glad you called.

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Cannabis Card Less Taxes Than Recreational

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