Illinois Medical Cannabis Card

An Illinois medical cannabis card gives you access to the medicine you deserve. 1Body1Life helps patients navigate through the process of receiving approval to purchase high THC products proven to help with a wide variety of symptoms.

Medical Marijuana in Illinois

The state legislature tasked the Illinois Department of Public Health, IDPH, with certifying patients in need of medical marijuana and maintaining a registry of certified patients. They also set out 55 unique conditions that qualify for a medical marijuana card.

It is not enough to experience headaches or pain. You must have a legitimate medical issue to qualify. Marijuana contains THC which, while beneficial, is also a drug with non-addictive psychedelic properties.

Process for Getting a Medical Marijuana Card in Illinois

The resulting process that the IDPH created is fairly straightforward but requires the help of an approved doctor or caregiver. You cannot simply show up at a dispensary, answer a few questions, and then make your first purchase.

To obtain a medical card, you must:

  1. Visit a doctor for a thorough examination
  2. Apply for approval with the Illinois Department of Public Health
  3. Wait for approval or rejection
  4. If approved, register your card with the state

These steps are non-negotiable. Failure to comply bars you from legally accessing the higher THC strains you need to cope with conditions falling within the law.

Why should I consider medical marijuana?

Being barred from accessing non-recreational strains is life-altering in a negative way. Traditional medicine views painkillers and other medications as a solution. It also considers invasive surgery appropriate to treat back pain.

Many painkillers are addictive and surgery is not a light matter. Choosing these routes can have an impact that lasts a lifetime. This is one reason that 33 percent of Americans try a holistic approach before a solution with financial and potentially social ramifications.

Among the more proven natural approaches to care, medical marijuana has many positive benefits. Researchers found that specialized strains relieve pain, increase appetite, help with weight gain or loss, reduce anxiety and depression, and improve sleep quality.

Who should apply for a medical card?

While useful, not everyone qualifies for a medical marijuana card. Conditions that do allow you to purchase medication are as varied as glaucoma and cancer.

1Body1Life helps potential patients discover if medical marijuana is right or even legal for them. There is nothing worse than making an already awful situation more painful. Consulting a professional will help you discover non-invasive non-addictive natural medicines suited to you.

Illinois Medical Cannabis Card

The Illinois medical cannabis card offered through the Illinois Department of Public Health is a gateway to a healthier more satisfying life for many. Managing the symptoms of any illness is difficult without medicine and traditional approaches are not always the best.

1Body1Life helps patients discover the alternative of medical marijuana and can guide you through the process to approval. We offer in-person and telehealth visitations suited to almost any prospective patient. Get in touch with us today.

Illinois Medical Cannabis Card


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