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Can an Illinois medical marijuana card help fight inflation and save you money?

Medical Marijuana Card Help Fight Inflation

Absolutely, yes! An Illinois medical marijuana card can help fight inflation and save you lots of money. The amount of savings will vary from state to state, but the state of Illinois happens to offer HUGE savings for medical card holders.

3 Million + Patients Can't Be Wrong: The Rise of Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana has been popularly used by over three million people in the United States and millions more around the world. It is also the most commonly used recreational drug in the United States with about 48 million users or 18% of the U.S population consuming at least once in 2019.

Medical Marijuana Card: Worth It or Risky?

If you live in a state where medical marijuana is legal, you may be wondering whether or not it’s worth getting a medical marijuana card. After all, isn’t marijuana still illegal at the federal level?

In states where medical marijuana is legal like in Illinois, patients with chronic medical conditions can get a medical card that allows them to purchase marijuana from dispensaries. Each patient is required to be approved by a marijuana doctor. Dispensaries are regulated by the state and often offer discounts to patients with medical cards.

Inflation And Medical Card Benefits. Every Penny Saved Counts!

Medical card patients are usually offered discounts on medical marijuana purchases. Dispensaries want you to become a long term client and medical patients seemingly are more loyal than rec users. Many dispensaries even offer 10-20% off for patients with a valid medical marijuana card.

That doesn’t even take into account the whopping excise or local taxes that can amount to over 40% in states like Illinois. So being a recreational user you will spend way more than a person with a valid medical card on the same amount of products. Our goal is to make sure that Illinois residents know the benefits and how to get a medical cannabis card online in Illinois.

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Here's How You Can Fight Inflation With A Medical Marijuana Card:

Between taxes and medical marijuana patient incentives, savings can be as high as 60%. For example, if a recreational user who likes concentrates and high-potency THC products spends $100 monthly, they could be subject to over $40 in taxes every time they make a purchase, or roughly $480 over a year. Some dispensaries offer medical cardholder incentives that provide even further discounts. 

All other states in the union exempt taxes on medications, but the state of Illinois imposes a 1% state tax. Additionally, some municipalities may carry local taxes.

Does An Illinois Medical Marijuana Card Really Save Money?

Yes, you bet! The savings can add up quickly, and in an economy where people are counting their dollars and cents, it makes great sense that if a cannabis consumer has a medical condition that qualifies for a medical card, they should consider going that route. A valid med card is good for one to three years in Illinois, depending on what option you and your doctor choose. The cost of a three-year medical card doctor certification with most providers is roughly $250 or approximately $83 a year. Also, keep in mind that the state of Illinois has a $125 application fee for a three-year card.

Medical Weed Savings: Let's Do The Math

The amount of taxes a rec user would pay over the three-year term vs. a medical card holder could be as much as $1440-$2160 versus that same $100 monthly purchase as a medical card patient, and the taxes would only be $1/month, or 1%. The same amount as the tax on any FDA-approved medication in the state of Illinois.

Financial Savings With A Medical card

It’s important to note that the taxes vary state to state and in certain states like Illinois they just happen to have one of the highest tax rates for adult use programs and rightly offer substantial savings to medical card users. Luckily getting approved for a marijuana card in Illinois isn’t time consuming or costly as it relates to the benefits received.

Medical Marijuana on a Budget? Illinois Has Your Back! (Score Free Joints & More)

Many dispensaries offer free or discounted products for new patients or those with a valid medical marijuana card. For example, some dispensaries offer free pre-rolled joints or gummies for new patients purchasing from their dispensary. This is a huge savings for patients who consume medical marijuana regularly to manage their symptoms. It’s important to learn about what it takes to get a medical card in Illinois so that you know what is involved and clearly understand all the benefits.

Weed & Work: Know Your Rights Before Lighting Up in Illinois (Medical Card Advantages!)

Having a medical marijuana card in most states, including Illinois, entitles the holder to certain protections under state law. For example, in some states, holders of a valid medical marijuana card cannot be fired from their jobs solely for testing positive for THC.

That is not the case for recreational users of marijuana and they could lose their job and not be entitled to unemployment benefits, which would further decrease the availability of funds for other necessary household items. Check your state laws so you know the benefits and risks of being a recreational adult user and determine if a medical card would be in your best interest.

Illinois Patients, Rejoice! Freebies & Big Savings Await at Your Local Dispensary

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Weed Out Unemployment Worries: How a Medical Card Saves Your Illinois Paycheck (Puff Relief!)

The advantages of having a marijuana card are significant as it relates to saving money because with tax breaks it can add up to massive savings over time, especially for patients who are just getting by or need to purchase large amounts of medication to get relief from their medical condition, particularly Illinois med card holders. For patients with chronic medical conditions that don’t currently have a marijuana card they should consider talking with a qualified cannabis doctor that can guide them through all the details. By taking advantage of discounts, freebies or incentives offered by dispensaries, medical marijuana card holders can stretch their dollars and allocate those dollars where they need to most.

Remember, before starting any new treatments or medications you should always consult a qualified health care provider in advance.