Medical Services

Health Care Versus Sickness Care

There is a growing sentiment among educated patients in America that today’s healthcare system is broken. Our Current system is one that focuses on “sickness care” rather than true “health care”. Real prevention is not part of the equation.


Health Care vs Sickness Care

Doctors are treating the symptoms and ignoring the underlying causes. We believe doctors should consult with patients and customize programs and treatments aimed at prevention, thus improving our patients’ overall wellness and quality of live. At 1Body1Life we focus on an integrated and functional medicine approach based on creating health and not reacting to illness. In addition to providing traditional medical services when necessary, we offer complimentary medical procedures and testing to address some of our patients’ main health concerns.

Integrative Medicine and Functional Medicine Services

• Pre-Diabetes Insulin Resistance and Type-2 Diabetes Treatment Programs

• Bio-identical Hormone Testing and Treatment Programs

• Medical Weight Loss Programs

• Adrenal Fatigue Testing and Chronic Fatigue Restoration Programs

• Advanced Cardiovascular & Metabolic Testing and Treatment Programs

• Pain Management and Natural Pain Relief Treatments

• Headache Assessment and Migraine Treatments

Were Committed to Your Optimal Health

Our programs can help guide you to your optimal health. We are committed to help you learn to take charge of your lifestyle and be as health as you can be! Medical cannabis offers the overall versatility and the unique capacity to simultaneously treat both physical and mental ailments without harmful side effects; its efficacy is unlike any drug or natural product known. This perfectly coincides with our medical philosophy of treating the whole body as an integrated system. If you or a loved one suffers from any of the 42 qualifying conditions covered under the Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program, ask us if this is the right step for you.