Medical Cannabis Certifications

Medical Cannabis Evaluations and Certifications for Illinois Residents


Patients with chronic and debilitating medical conditions seek out clinic our for quality medical marijuana evaluations because of the unique qualifications of our physicians and staff for their ability to fully understand your condition and individual medical history.

Our medical doctors are highly qualified to work with patients having chronic and debilitating conditions seeking medical cannabis certifications having extensive history and experience in internal medicine and pain management. We have seen and actively treated many of the qualifying conditions that prompt patients to consider medical cannabis as their treatment option.

The process of gaining a physician’s certification is merely one of setting the necessary appointments allowing our doctors review your medical records and certifying that you have a condition that is listed as an allowable diagnosis and qualifying conditions under the Illinois Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program.  Once we have reviewed your medical records and confirmed the diagnosis, we will expedite the necessary paperwork to the IL state Department of Public Health as required for your medical cannabis registry identification card.

Once you’ve established a relationship with us we will be here along the way to guide you and help you with any questions and concerns that you might have with your condition and treatment options including the use of medical cannabis and to check your progress along your journey.

No Medical Records, No Problem

If you do not have have current or past medical records, no problem you’re in the right hands.  You would need to schedule an initial evaluation with the doctor and then after we can can schedule any appropriate testing needed to confirm your diagnosis condition. Unlike many physicians in IL that think they would be prescribing medical marijuana for a condition, we are really just providing you with a certification of the qualifying diagnosis and then pointing you in the correct direction as well as here to answer any concerns and questions that you understandably might have. We take the time to listen, understand, and work with you to help you reach your personal health care goals whatever they may be. Our commitment to you is to help you learn to take charge of your lifestyle and be as healthy as you can be.